Our SDK Training costs are simple and easy to understand.

All prices are in United States Dollars.

For all training

Preparation fee: $500 flat fee

Hourly rate: $100 / hour of training

For in-person training only

Per diem: $40

Transportation costs: Varies*

Hotel costs: Varies*


Example (online)

Three days of online training, for four hours per day.

$500 preparation fee

$1200 hourly cost (3 * 4 * $100)

$1700 total cost

Example (in-person)

Three full days of in-person training, at a Los Angeles location, for seven hours per day.

$500 preparation fee

$2100 hourly cost (7 * 3 * $100)

$300 flight (varies)

$800 hotel cost (4 nights, 200 per night)

$400 car rental (4 days, 100 per day)

$160 per diem cost (3 days + 1 travel day)

$4260 total cost

*We respect your need to be good stewards.

  • Flights will be economy class.
  • For car rentals / uber, etc, the least expensive vehicle will be used.
  • Flights will be out of Charleston International Airport (CHS)
  • For locations within four hours driving time, a flight is not necessary.